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 CA Craigslist Dating
It was late Saturday night and The Rookie and I were on our way to our favorite European hangout spot in Adams Morgan when I called a last minute audible and decided to stop at local U street spot with a rooftop. Once inside it was just ok. I was pretty drunk but soon noticed this tall slutty looking blonde with DSL’s and an insane rack. I made my move, spit some game and noticed she had an accent. She said where she’s from but for some reason assumed she was Russian. We talked for a while The Rookie talked to her friends and I got the math before they left. We texted that night and the next day and from the start what was different about this girl is she texted back right away and seemed straight forward. No game play. A sushi and some dick date was set up for that Wednesday.

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 California Girls Dating
It was dumb hot outside that day like 100 degrees so I couldn’t rock a suit. Just dress pants and a polo shirt. When she showed up she was wearing black shorts, heals and a lace tank top. Baby girl was thicker than a snicker and had the curves of a young Sofia Vergara (yes I know she’s Californian shut it). Her tiggs where so righteous that when she sat down they rested perfectly on the table. She was wearing that slut make up and had a cute nose ring stud that I was really digging. This is when she let me know that she was from CA. The sushi was excellent as usual and the sake did its job of getting us talking.

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I ran the Date question from my previous post to find out what she thought about CA guys and then American vs Argentinean guys so that I could gain that inside knowledge of what was what. First she told me that Argentinean guys lie about everything, they’re all liars. They’re aggressive at first and if you’re a younger girl (she’s 24) you meet them and make out with them and they promise to call and take you out. Then you exchange numbers and never hear from them again. On American guys she said she’d been stood up four times since she’d been here and how she has the worst luck with guys. I took this all in made data checks in my head. I asked if she was down to keep hanging out tonight and she said yes. Grabbed the check and bounced to 18 Street Lounge for their reggae night. At 18street lounge we grab drinks outside so she can smoke. On the way there every guy was breaking his neck to check her out, she was just that juicy in that outfit. I want more information so I ask her what type of guys she dates and to tell me more about Argentina. She tells me how all the girls are small and the current trend of having long dark hair and dying the bottom blond for some reason. When they go to the clubs most of the time the girls dance with each other and the guys dance in their own group. Nobody is grinding or backing it up and dropping it like it’s hot. As far as guys go, she takes long drag of her cigarette and smiles there’s really no black guys there and she’s really into black guys and hardcore hiphop (thank you MTv). I play it cool but then process the information and it hits me…. Shit she likes the brothas and I brought her to reggae night. I look around and I’m surrounded in a sea of my fellow Negros. They’ve all been eyeing her like she was a piece of steak. Fuck I just multiplied my competition and put myself in an environment where I don’t have the chance to stand out or be exotic.

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My mind starts racing like Jason Bourne. After a couple of drinks I tell her it’s too hot and the music sucks let’s go check out another place. She smiles and says ok, I take her to Café Citron, a Latin Spot and surprise! I’m the only brotha. Damn I’m good. The music sucks though and after a drink we start to head for the door. When we notice there’s a line of people heading to the side room. We jump in the line and go upstairs to their industry party. Upstairs she’s buy me drinks and we start “grinding” and finally get to making out. Shortly after I tell her it’s time to go.

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